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Sustainability goes beyond raw materials and carbon footprint. It begins with a holistic view on the complete impact on the environmental, social and economical aspects of a product. From the needs in society an idea forms into a solution. The solution is transformed into a design solving the problems. It leads to decisions in sourcing of raw materials, choice of manufacturers and finally distribution model. It is actually the vital part of a business plan.

Wavebreaker sustainable effects


Wavebreaker offers a sustainable noise protection solution and supports the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. This is how we support Goal 3 and 11:

  1. Less noise in society - means healthier people.
  2. Noise protection possible at lower costs.
  3. Sustainable development of public transport and society.
  4. Locally produced (in Sweden).
  5. Long product lifetime.
  6. Recycled quality material is used. The product can be recycled again.
  7. Modular product easily disassembled for recycling (no mixed materials).
  8. Lower noise screens possible meaning less material used.


A master thesis work in 2021 at Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg investigated the sustainability features of Wavebreaker compared to raising a noise screen about 1 meter. The solution with Wavebreaker showed an overall sustainability improvement over 40 years. The report compared Wavebreaker on top of either a wooden noise screen or a concrete noise barrier, with a raised / higher noise screen. The following conclusions were made based upon 50% recycled material. From 2023 we can offer 100% recycled Wavebreker which means even lower environmental impact!

The total improvement in the LCA-analysis showed to be between 14-17% in favour of Wavebreaker. Exchanging 2 meter higher noise screens with Wavebreaker means about 30% better compared to the alternative. The report concluded also that Wavebreaker means up to 14-18% less CO2 out in the atmosphere.

Something else that is worth mentioning is the approximately 20% material reduction of walls while still achieving the same effect and thereby an average of 20% reduction in biodiversity risk and land use which is great news for our struggling environment.


Investments in the railway sector is an important step towards a fossile-free development of the transport sector. There is an ambition in the society to increase the use of railway and electrified commuting. Wavebreaker enhances this development by making it easier to meet noise demands at lower costs.


Wavebreaker will mean a better sound environment for people and enable a sustainable development of public transports closer to homes, which is a prerequisite for living and working in the same labor market area, regardless of social class. Statistics also show that women use public transport more than men, which means that the product is a potential opportunity to contribute to a more gender-equal society.


Wavebreaker is built up in two modules, made out of High-Density PE and PP with up to 100% recycled content.

The benefits are

  • low-weight
  • long lifetime
  • uniform material types enhances material recycling
  • no metal inside


  • Up to 100% recycled material is used.
  • Wavebreaker can be easily recycled with lower energy consumption than metal.
  • Factory waste is recycled into new products.
  • Recycled consumer plastics can be a part of the raw materials depending on quality and market access.
  • To further increase a sustainable solution, Wavebreaker is available in BIO-plastics, on demand.

Our production partners are using the best available technique to produce Wavebreaker. Together with our partners we aim to find the best sustainable solution for each project.

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Wavebreaker has been assessed by Byggvarubedömningen. This means that our assessed product is examined on chemical content, life-cycle, and sustainable supply chains. Wavebreaker was assessed  with the highest rating RECOMMENDED in all three categories. 

In this way we contribute to making it easier to build sustainably. Read more on


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Wavebreaker recycled and recyclable
Wavebreaker sustainable effects and global goals 2030