Innovative acoustic interference damper for traffic noise



Wavebreaker is designed for a safe, easy and quick installation. A modular, low-weight and turn-key delivery ensures a swift installation without interfering with the running traffic as the product can be installed from "outside" the traffic line. Wavebreaker is mounted on the top edge of noise walls and noise screens as an additional noise mitigation solution to keep the height of the screen as low as possible. The noise damper increases the height of the noise screen by only 20 cm. Wavebreaker is designed to be installed on all types of noise screens and walls made of wood, concrete, plastic or metal using appropriate fasteners and handheld tools.

Wavebreaker noise control installation benefits

Investments in new infrastructure often means considerable costs for noise protection and noise control. The higher noise protection walls means exponentially higher costs, mainly due to the needed foundation. Wavebreaker could bring huge cost benefits to projects where new noise screens are planned.

Noise mitigation measures with Wavebreaker means both low investment costs as well as low installation costs.


Wavebreaker was developed with both environment and low life-cycle costs in mind where both parameters play big roles in a sustainable solution. The product is made in high-quality plastics using recycled material, however not jeapordizing customer's demand on long lifetime. Wavebreaker design in durable plastics means low ageing and high resistance to vandalism. If needed however, single parts can easily be replaced with new ones. 

Wavebreaker is a passive anti-sound device meaning that there are no moving or electrical parts inside. Wavebreaker is purely driven by the sound energy from the sound source.

A maintenance program is delivered to each project.

Wavebreaker maintenance benefits diffractor on noise wall