Innovative acoustic interference damper for traffic noise


Wavebreaker "sound-trap" gives planners and consultants the possibility to fight noise with lower noise screens at lower costs and yet meet future's noise demands. Contact us for more information.

→7 dBA

lower noise,

minor height increase.


lower costs,

same noise reduction.

→2 m

lower screens,

same noise reduction.

Traffic noise is increasing in the world due to intensified traffic, longer and faster trains, altogether
with an urbanization and a modern lifestyle demanding public transports. About 20% of the European
citizens spend lives in areas polluted by noise over the health limits. This is causing rising investments in
more and higher noise screens and barriers. Where is the game-changer in this development?


Wavebreaker innovative interference sound damper benefits


February 2023

DAGA 2023 in Hamburg 6-9 March

We welcome all German acousticians to visit our booth at the DAGA 2023 conference where we will exhibit for the first time. DAGA 2023 is organized mainly by the German Acoustical Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik, DEGA) and will take place at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH).

More information on DAGA 2023 here.

January 2023

Long-distance noise reduction

A new noise reduction report for the long-distance effect of Wavebreaker is now available. The report evaluates the efficiency of the Wavebreaker attachment to a noise barrier using acoustic FE-program Actran. The  study is conducted to evaluate Wavebreaker’s performance for different source-receiver spatial combinations at long distances.
Contact us for the complete report.

December 2022

100% recycled material

From 2023 we can offer Wavebreaker in 100% recycled material. The development in plastic materials and production is constantly improving with the possibility to produce our modules in an even more environmental-friendly way, keeping our demands on durability, strength and longevity on the same high level.

Our production and sourcing of raw materials are as before European-based.