Innovative acoustic interference damper for traffic noise




WHO predicted 2018 that in 2050 7 billion people will live in urban areas ( The growth will put pressure on how we develop our societies, how we live, work and transport ourselves. Traffic noise is increasing in the world due to intensified traffic, longer and faster trains, altogether with on-going urbanization and a modern lifestyle demanding public transports.


UN world urbanization prospects 2018
UN world urbanization prospects 2018 cities


European Environmental Agency reported in 2020 that at least 12 000 people die prematurely due to traffic noise. About 20% of the European citizens spend their lives in areas polluted by noise over the health limits ( It is the second largest environmental problem in Europe. Since the report included only the major roads and railway lines the conclusion was that the presented figures probably were underestimated.

Extracts from the report:

→ Long-term exposure to environmental noise is estimated to cause 12 000 premature deaths and

contribute to 48 000 new cases of ischaemic heart disease per year in the European territory

→ ...estimated 113 million people are affected by long-term day-evening-night traffic noise levels of

at least 55 dB(A). In addition, 22 million are exposed to high levels of railway noise

→ the population exposed to environmental noise is projected to increase because of

future urban growth and an increased demand for mobility


It is well-known from before that noise means higher risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In 2021, it was reported from Maersk Mc Kinney Moller Institute at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) that noise also increases the risk of dementia.


Wavebreaker is innovative product that addresses the challenges of today and in the future with a sustainable noise protection solution supporting the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The general measure to fight outdoor noise from traffic is to install higher noise screens - with exponentially increasing costs and decreased visibility in the landscape. Until now, no new innovations or technically more advanced solutions have been available.

Wavebreaker is a passive "sound-trap", based on an acoustic principle known for over 100 years. Through scientific research and 5 years of product development an optimized traffic noise damper can now be a part of the sustainable growth in society. Up to 7 dBA extra noise reduction can be acheived and at the same time saving up to 75% of costs compared with alternative solutions.